El Fatso

El Fatso sounds like a hot and messy one night stand between Mr. Stonerrock and Ms. Pop.
Falsetto vocals, crooked guitars and sweaty grooves form the ingredients for their signature sound, which they call ”Rock ‘n’ Roffa”. Their songs demand you to move that ol’ body of yours around, in whatever way possible and absolutely own it while doing so. After it!


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Anna Friele – Nobel Award

”El Fatso immediately started with a wonderfully thick (or Fatso) sound that acutely ‘nodded’ the heads in the audience. It is not surprising that they won the audience award earlier at the Eendracht Festival and their first single was number 1 on Reddit for a while. But not only the hard dirty music, also the stage presence of the gentlemen was infectious; from the matching Hawaii shirts to the smooth head movements of the bass guitarist and the drummer who managed to unleash his own dreadlocks mid-set. A wonderful performance that created a great vibe.”

Florence Villeneuve – 3voor12

After a lot of funny promotion on social media, El Fatso gave a sold-out release party in Roodkapje, Rotterdam. El Fatso makes cleverly put together rock music. Rough, mysterious, sexy yet so catchy! You can easily keep moving throughout the set. The mainly low vocals of Tom Schreuder regularly have something dark. For a Dutchman, his accent sounds very American. A little later in the set, Juriaan van der Graaf makes great use of his cowbell for ‘Thirsty’. During ‘King Louie’ El Fatso gets more and more love and energy from the exuberant audience: a moshpit and attempted crowd surfing. El Fatso can be absolutely proud of their release party.”

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Pro Bono Mixtape

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29|08|2020          Leiden | Gebr de Nobel (Support Ten Times A Million)

23|05|2020          Leiden| Lazaru’s Cancelled

28|03|2020          Hoofddorp|Poppodium Ducyker (Support X Raiders) Cancelled

21|03|2020          Rotterdam|Voigt (Voigt 4T) Cancelled

13|03|2020          Leiden| Gebr. de Nobel (Support Ten Times A Million) Cancelled

22|02|2020          Rotterdam | Rotown (Support Ten Times A Million)

15|01|2020          Bergen op Zoom | Gebouw-T (T-Strijd, voorronde)

22|12|2019          Leiden | Gebr. De Nobel (Nobel Award, finale)

16|11|2019          Leiden | Vrijplaats (Nobel Award, voorronde)

06|10|2019          Dordrecht | Bibelot (Support Broncho) Cancelled

18|07|2019          Rotterdam | Eendracht Festival X

13|07|2019          Nijmegen | Live in de Betouw

14|06|2019          Utrecht | Café ‘t Oude Pothuys

07|06|2019          Rotterdam | Eurotrash

24|05|2019          Leiden | Lazaru’s

17|05|2019          Groningen | Lola

10|05|2019          Breda | Café de Speeltuin

03|05|2019          Lelystad | Utopodium

27|04|2019          Schiedam | Live op Straat

20|04|2019          Amsterdam | Sexyland

19|04|2019          Delft | Steck

13|04|2019          [RECORD STORE DAY]  Rotterdam | Velvet

13|04|2019          [RECORD STORE DAY]  Vlaardingen | Platenreus

23|02|2019          [EP RELEASEPARTY]  Rotterdam | Roodkapje

31|01|2019          Zoetermeer | Boerderij Café

26|01|2019          Rotterdam | Voigt (Bodacious Bingo)

18|01|2019          Gouda | Studio Gonz

29|11|2018          Den Haag | Kompaan (Akoestisch)

16|11|2018          Leiden | Gebr de Nobel (Nobel Award)

03|11|2018          Vlaardingen | KOFA

26|10|2018          Rotterdam | Eurotrash (Bodacious Bonanza)

13|10|2018          Den Bosch | Lohengrin

28|09|2018          Schiedam | De Graauwe Hengst (Brandersfeesten)

23|09|2018          Rotterdam | Rotterdamse Kost (Mikefest, Akoestisch)

15|09|2018          Maassluis | Waterwegpop

28|07|2018          [SPANISH FLY TOUR]  Calpe | Bar Central

27|07|2018          [SPANISH FLY TOUR]  Altea | Brew Rock

26|07|2018          [SPANISH FLY TOUR]  Torrevieja | Moroe’s

24|07|2018          [SPANISH FLY TOUR]  Xabia | Botanico

21|07|2018          [SPANISH FLY TOUR]  Calpe | Bar Unity

19|07|2018          Rotterdam | Rotown (Eendracht Festival 9.0)

18|06|2018          Krimpen a/d IJssel | Surfrock

09|06|2018          Rotterdam | Jazzcafé Dizzy (Mikefest, Akoestisch)

08|06|2018          Maassluis | Koningshof (Battle of the Bands)

26|05|2018          Rotterdam | Eurotrash (Certain Animals)

17|05|2018          Helmond | Muziekcafé Helmond (Oorveeg)

29|04|2018          Krimpen a/d IJssel | De Boog

27|04|2018          Vlaardingen | KOFA (Kingsfest)

27|04|2018          Rotterdam | Biercafé Boudewijn (Nieuwe Binnenweg)

27|04|2018          Schiedam | Tapperij het Weeshuis (Live op Straat)

31|03|2018          Vlaardingen | De Kroepoekfabriek (Kid Harlequin)

17|03|2018          Schiedam | De Graauwe Hengst (TLOOL)

17|02|2018          Dordrecht | Popcentrale (Bandboost)

26|01|2018          Barendrecht | De Beuk

22|12|2017          Rotterdam | Eurotrash (Mikefest 4.0)

30|11|2017          Den Haag | Kompaan

22|10|2017          Rotterdam | Spot the Looney

15|09|2017          Delft | De Koornbeurs

25|08|2017          Vlaardingen |KOFA

16|06|2017          Breda | Café de Speeltuin

09|06|2017          Leiden | De Hut van Ome Henne (Live en Lazaru’s)

12|05|2017          Leiden | Rockcafé Lazaru’s (Live en Lazaru’s)

27|04|2017          Schiedam | De Graauwe Hengst

11|03|2017          Rotterdam | Plan C (Barbiepop)

17|12|2016          Vlaardingen | De Kroepoekfabriek  (Tokoloko)

17|12|2016          Dordrecht | Popcentrale (Muziekantencafé)

13|10|2016          Den Haag | De Paap

21|07|2016          Rotterdam | Zondebok en Zwarte Schaap  (Eendrachtfestival 7.0)